How to win big on football bets

Betting in recent times has attracted many because technology has made it easier and more convenient to make money through it.
As a result, it is no surprise that football betting has helped to generate the biggest of the revenue associated with betting.
Another contributory factor is the billions of matches that are available for placing betting globally. For you become better at bet placement, you need a football betting guide!
But before you start placement, you need to ask some questions such as;
What type of bets do I need to place?
What are the best strategies for success?
For more information on this, keep reading!

Types of bets in football


1X2 betting type is a betting type that is seen as the commonest types of betting. This is simply because it is simple to understand and entails you engaging in a betting option with only 3 possible outcomes.

  • Home wins
  • Away wins
  • The game ends in a draw

How to place a 1X2 Bet?

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1X2 is a simple bet type with 3 possible outcomes for the game. However, with the 3 possible outcomes, we can only place a bet on one of the outcomes. The description shows “1” to represent home team win, “2” for the away Team win and X when a draw ends the game.
Two premiership league teams can be used to explain for better understanding. Man Utd vs Chelsea club game. In 1X2 betting, A win for 1 means Man Utd won the game while 2 means Chelsea won the game. X means draw was the game results.
The Bet 365 odds were 1.36 for Manchester United win while 2.5 for Chelsea’s win. The odds given for draw result is 3.24. From the odds, we can see Man Utd seem to be tagged as the game favourite winner with the presented odds.
What this simply indicates is that when considering the use of 100 stakes in the betting for Manchester United as the match winner will be calculated as 136 yields if they actually win as predicted.
However, if the match goes in the opposite direction and Chelsea wins the match, the odds will yield 250 while in case of a draw, it will be 324.

Double Chance

Another important betting type is the double chance bet.
In this case, we need to understand that we have the opportunity to consider two out of the three possible outcomes.

  • A win for the home team
  • A win for the away team
  • A draw

Double chance betting gives a greater opportunity for more success because we’re considering two of the three outcomes in form of a pair to make a single bet.
In this type, you will have to consider either a win or draw for a team. This indicates a win for you if the team of your choice wins or draws the game.
In the event that the other team wins or draws the game, you automatically lose your bet.
This betting type reduces the associated risks of loss in betting.
However, there is an issue with this type of betting system. The associated odds with the double chance bets are much lower when compared to win only or draw only bet types.

Draw No Bet

This option or type of betting represents a situation whereby the only available betting option is for a win. There is no option of success for a draw. If your placement wins the match, you automatically win the bet. In the case where the match ends in a draw, your stake will be returned.

Over / under

In the Over/Under bet type, a successful bet is linked with the number goals scored in the match.

How Over/Under betting works

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This Over/Under betting type works by following different modes.
Betting sites may indicate a probability for goals from both teams to be more than 2 or 3 goals
The Over/Under simply means if you place a bet for both teams to score a total of 2.5 goals and this game end in 3 goals, you have automatically won the bet but if goals are less than 2, that’s a loss of your stake.

Both Teams to Score


Indicates that both teams will score in the game, but if the match ends and only one team scores, you lose your bet.
Both teams just need to score for you to win your bet!
You also have the opportunity to cash out immediately after you win your bet.


The handicap system is somewhat difficult to understand for newcomers. The full description is below. It basically provides a level playing field for bettors. A goal handicap can be positive or negative.
The determinants there are to be considered. There are various forms of handicap betting:

Level Handicap

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A zero goal or “Level” handicap is used when bookmakers notice no differences in teams’ abilities. In this scenario, the betting sites make a level handicap bet available.
If you want to win this, you need to place your bet on the team you predicted to score more.
In the event of a draw, you get your stake back but a win for the other team is a loss of bet for you.

Single Handicap

A notable difference in the team to play in terms of their abilities gives the option for single handicap.
A difference in goals will be placed on the stronger team (either positive or negative), e.g. a -0.5, -1, or -1.5 goal difference.
A -1 goal handicap betting for Team A means your needs to score 1 goal more compare to the Team B for you to win. A draw means that your stake will be returned. A win for B means you lose the game.

Split Handicap

A split handicap is applied when little or no difference in abilities is noticed with the teams to play. The goal difference is then split equally between both.
For example, team A might be given a 0 or -0.5 handicap and if you placed a stake on them to win the match but they eventually lost, you have lost your bet.
If team A wins, you automatically win your bet. A draw in the match means your -0.5 will be lost and the 0 stake will be returned to you.

Research before betting

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Information plays a significant role in your success with betting. There are many online resources (like this one) to give you this information that will help you understand the principles and strategies involved in betting. Building a strategy is a tasking process.
Remember: Quality research determines betting success!

Team form

Information about both teams’ current form ensures that you’re not betting blindly, and your predictions have a greater chance of success. A good idea of both teams’ form must influence your betting decision.
The two teams’ squad, their past performances during the last 5 games played for instance, plays a major role in predicting a winner.

  • Number of goals scored
  • Number of goals conceded
  • Possession

Home and away records

Information about how teams fared against each other in the past is a good place to start. It gives you a very clear picture about what to expect from future games.
For example, if Manchester United has had a long history of Chelsea in a home game, it’s wiser to wager on the reds.

History between the two clubs

The recent form might be influential but the place of history can’t be overemphasized. It plays a major role when it comes to some matches or clubs.

Team news

Current information about the team is also very important for effective predictions. Try to know more about the team forms by researching on the players that will miss the game due to injury, suspended, and doubtful players are major determinants for a match outcome.

  • Players on Suspension
  • Injured players
  • Players who might not make the starting line-up


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Players and referees create a strong motivation for teams. This has its ways of affecting every individual player’s role in football. A lower morale can influence a team negatively. Even world-class teams can perform below expectation when players’ morale is down.
A key player’s injury or transfers from the club could also impact the team. This could affect their performance negatively.
Experts in betting understand the influence of motivation on a team and usually advise that punters on making more research before placing a bet.


The schedule plays an important role in the outcome of a game, although it’s regularly ignored by punters. Seasoned football bettors understand the importance of schedules and will try to figure out how upcoming fixtures influence the effective prediction of the lineup for the present game.
A finals game coming up next can affect the coach’s final decisions, like resting some players and fielding some. That could affect the outcome of the present game.

Common football betting mistakes

Here are some of the commonest mistakes bettors make that limit their chances of success. Try to avoid these things if you want to be successful with your sports betting strategy.

Misunderstanding value

Many bettors don’t quite understand what value means. Value is not about a belief but a correct interpretation of the available information, data, models, and trends about the concerned teams. If you understand what value really means, it gives you the opportunity to place smarter bets with a high chance of success.

Betting with emotion

Emotion also affects bettors’ decision on game prediction. It creates a bias when making a betting decision. This usually happens when the bettor is a fan of his chosen team. This is one major mistake that affects bettors’ strategy.
To enhance your betting skills and improve on success, Keep your emotions in check and ensure that they don’t influence your betting decisions. Always follow the right principles and strategies.

Following the crowd

Following the crowd affects a lot of bettors’ decision-making ability. There’s a reason why sports betting sites make a lot of money from punters: The crowd isn’t always right!
Remember this:

  • Most bettors that stake on Football betting sites lose more money than they gain
  • The more people betting on a particular outcome, the lower the value of the odds

Sticking with losing systems

If you notice a recurring pattern of failure in a betting strategy or system you are currently using, it’s always better to switch to a new strategy. You need to avoid sticking with systems that don’t work.
You also need to understand that there is no football team that can’t lose. Also, bear in mind that no one football betting strategy can work all the time without fail at some point.
At unexpected times, previously working strategies might disappoint. To overcome situations like this, you need to be focused and persevere to achieve success.